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"Studying with Rabbi Prus gives our family the most personal and meaningful Jewish connection we’ve ever had.  Being part of the Lubavitch family means being accepted for who we are, while learning the language, lessons, and traditions of the Jewish faith.
Having Chelsea’s Bat Mitzvah service in our backyard with Mendel and his family, was a unique and joyous occasion for all of us.  We look forward to Zachary becoming a  Bar Mitzvah."   
           Linda Pick 

"I just want to thank you for a beautiful service you gave us!! All my friends and family, Jews and Christians, were very impressed with you and your style and how you explained everything so well. All my  friends felt very comfortable around you. In the past, some people have asked me why did I choose an Orthodox Rabbi when I grew up reformed. After hearing and meeting you, they now understand why. They were also very impressed with Dassi and your children."     Sharon G.

​"Working with Rabbi Prus for Alex's Bar Mitzvah was a pleasure from beginning to end. It started with lessons where the Rabbi was extremely flexible. He was able to work around our schedule and always had time for Alex even though our availability seemed to change every week. The Rabbi and Dassie have always made us feel welcome and they did the same for all of our guests at the service. The Rabbi found a way to include all of our relatives, even those who are not Jewish. I received many compliments from our guests regarding the Tifilin service. It was different from the usual Mitzvah service but still had a strong religious feel. It was interesting and informative and as one guest put it, "I am 65 years old and I've attended a lot of Mitzvahs. That was the most enjoyable service I've ever been to". We wouldn't have changed a thing and are looking forward to starting the process again in three years!"   

Syndi & Eric Bleiweis

​"Melanie and Sydney’s journey is approaching an important milestone culminating in a b’nai mitvah.  Chabad has been an important key in shaping the girls minds in helping understanding the why’s and how’s of Jewish life.  Many people here have contributed in that task, such as, Morah Rita’s teaching the girls to read, write and speak Hebrew.  That was not more evident than this past Passover where our seder was performed all in Hebrew.  The girls were so proud and felt more 
connected.  The girls are very blessed to have Rabbi Prus play a very active role in their education.  Rabbi gave the girls not only what being Jewish is and the holidays that we celebrate but also a greater appreciation what it means to be Jewish and its place in the world.  
The girls never looked at going to Chabad every Tuesday as work but rather like going to see family.  We feel that Chabad is a part of our family.  We will always have the great memories in our hearts and minds that we will take with us wherever our travels will take
them." Tiffany