Monday, December 10 - 12:30 pm

Lights & Latkehs Lunch

Enjoy a delicious Chanukah lunch and hear the history of the Jews and the Mob from the author Myron Sugarman.

Myron Sugarman will dazzle you with the story of the mob’s impact on the American Nazi Party in the 1930’s and the mob’s role in supplying money and weapons to the underground armies during Israel’s fight for independence.

Myron was born during the mob’s glory days. His father, “Sugie”, was good friends and business partners with the “A List” of Jewish, Italian, and Irish leaders in the mob including Meyer Lansky.  “Langie” Zwillman, “Doc” Stucher, “Jerry” Catena, “The Boot” Boiardo, Al Minucci, Frank Brehenny and many others.


Chabad Doylestown Jewish Center

300 E. Swamp Road, Doylestown


Complimentary lunch. Donations Appreciated.

Myron's book will be sold on location.

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